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Grant Applications
synopsis of a successful application for BC's Innovative Clean Energy (ICE) Fund
source: ICE Fund
narrative of a successful application for BC's Gas Tax Fund
source: District of Lillooet
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 Project Development
Several provincial as well as the federal government are pursuing policies to foster renewable energy as part of efforts to reduce the province's and country's carbon foot print and restructure its energy sector. Biomass energy is seen as a renewable energy source that is closest to market and has been named as the next renewable energy after hydropower.

Apart from new policy and legal frameworks subsidies are granted for innovative technologies, technologies in their pre-commercialization phase, or renewable energy projects that benefit the general public or help the commercialization of a technology. Certain programs specifically target biomass energy.

We can identify the right government program for your biomass energy projects and help you with the application process. CBER has successfully written several grant applications.