Technical & Engineering
   -Fuel Analyses
   -Technology Assessment
   -Biomass Plant Design
   -Code Compliance
   -Emission Monitoring
   Project Development
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Technical Services & Engineering

There is currently an unprecedented push for renewable and alternative energy.  Biomass energy is seen as a technology that is closest to the market, i.e. can in many applications compete with fossil fuel technologies.


With the number of biomass heating and community energy projects growing rapidly a sector that was once dominated by a few suppliers is emerging with new products and vendors. As a former supplier and project developer of biomass energy systems, CBER is familiar with the pitfalls that biomass energy projects can face and is in a prime position to provide proven concepts & designs and separate the wheat from the chaff.


CBER assists communities, energy companies, governments and suppliers with the following services related to biomass energy systems:


         fuel analysis (chemical & physical)

        technology assessment

         plant layout & design

        best management practises

         emission monitoring

        re-engineering to North American standards, support with CSA approval