Biomass Resource Studies

hog fuel handling at a sawmill in Canoe, BC
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Bioenergy is currently an under-utilised resource in Canada. Utilisation is set to increase, though, as a result of technology advances, conventional fuel prices and a changing political environment. The future availability of biomass fuel to meet existing and anticipated demand remains one of the biggest challenges that biomass energy users face today.


Traditionally, biomass fuel has mostly been wood, particularly residues from the forest industry; particularly from wood remanufacturing plants.  As the market for biomass energy matures competition for 'easy-to-combust' wood residue becomes tighter, driving up prices.


Moreover, fluctuations in lumber and pulp markets impact the supply side and fuel availability for bioenergy. As a consequence other potential biomass sources including energy harvesting of dead forest stands, tree pruning, agricultural and livestock waste, and the biogenic fraction of municipal waste are being looked into.


While investments into a given biomass energy technology typically are made with a life expectancy of 20 to 30 years, fuel supply chains can often only be secured for the first several years.


CBER will analyze the availability and price of biomass feedstock from various sources, assess their suitability for a given conversion technology, and research chemical and physical properties.


Points we cover within biomass resource studies include: