BC emission  regulations for biomass boilers
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Metro Vancouver Bylaw 1098 - Agricultural Biomass Boilers
typical emission levels of biomass combustors
Metro Vancouver Bylaw 1087
source: Metro Vancouver
source: Metro Vancouver
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 Technical &
   -Fuel Resource Studies
   -Energy Demand Studies
   -Market Studies
   -Equipment Suppliers
   -Cost Estimates
   -Funding Applications
   -Emission Permits
 Project Development
summary of provincial emission limits for biomass energy systems in British Columbia
BC Ministry of Environment - Agricultural Biomass Boiler Regulation
source: BC MoE
download unit conversion tool (converts between most units of energy, power, density, volume, mass, temperature, etc.)
note: executable file

Support with Emission Permits


Biomass energy, particularly wood combustion is frequently associated with the spectre of chimney billowing smoke stacks. While modern combustion & control technologies have largely reduced emission of pollutants, a biomass energy project can run into problems with local planning authorities keen to prevent increase in localised levels of air pollution.

CBER can support you before and after start-up of your biomass energy project:


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