Technology Assessment

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Biomass-to-energy technologies have long been touted as the successor to today's coal and oil, but until now most technologies have been considered too expensive to compete with fossil fuels.

Our scientific background and experience in the biomass sector allows us to identify and evaluate novel and advanced technologies to improve heat, fuel, or power production from biomass, solid waste and landfill gas.

We can help you determine resources & technologies with the highest potential for market deployment and make an assessment of overall efficiency, technology cost, reliability, and performance and other technological challenges.

Technology assessment we have done revolve around the following topics:

Technology analyses: descriptions of biomass conversion pathways and analyses of
   developmental and advanced biomass systems;

Technology potential: The potential contribution of a technology to energy supply
    over the next decades;

Technology screening: identification of technical challenges, critical deficiencies and
   potential downtime risks;

Commercial availability: extent to which a technology type is commercially available
   in Canada and abroad;

Comparison with competing technologies and products: key advantages as they
   relate to technology advances and biomass resources and market segments;

Cost-effectiveness: financial analyses of a technology type and installation scale;

Market readiness: chances that a given technology will find market acceptance;

Potential market and regulatory barriers: perceived and actual side effects that
  could be detrimental to market deployment