Selected Projects for Commercial and Industrial Clients

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   -First Nations & Communities
   -Public Entities & Governments
   -Commercial & Industrial
Deltech Manufacturing (
Deltech Manufacturing received a grant from the federal IRAP program to research technologies for heating institutional facilities with biomass. In a first stage woody biomass fuel types were researched and assessed. The second stage looked at various fuel storage and feed systems, combustion and gasification technologies, filter equipment and the electronic control process. Finally, recommendations were given on how to enter the market for institutional biomass boilers. The project was continued in 2011 with the design of a wood fuel handling & storage system for institutional boilers.
Old Country Woodturning, Victoria, BC (
Old Country Woodturning in Victoria, BC is a wood remanufacturing plant generating large amounts of shavings, sawdust and cut-offs. A 350 kW (1.2 mmBTU/h) biomass boiler was installed and has heated the premises and a lumber drying kiln since 2006.
CanEnergy / West Chilcotin Forest Products (
WCFP used to operate a sawmill at Anhim Lake, located approximately 10 km from the town of Anahim. The company planned to extend the sawmills capacity and invest into lumber drying facilities. Being off grid, WCFPs management considered switching from diesel generators to combined heat & power (CHP) using wood waste as the primary fuel. Power generated should supply the mill as well as the nearby community. Cornelius Suchy evaluated time of day and time of week load curves of the mill and the community to determine the amount of electricity that can be supplied by a biomass-fuelled Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) CHP.