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Suppliers of Size Reduction Equipment
Fink Machinery (Canada)

Feedstock Preparation & Handling


Most biomas-to-energy technologies need the feedstock to meet certain specifications in regards to size, moisture content, ash content, contamination. Fuel preparation, by size reduction, screening, and drying are proceeses most biomass has to go through before being turned into energy.


Moreover, in most cases the feedstock needs to be delivered to the plant, generally by conveyors or trucks. Loading or unloading a truck can be time consuming and can result in spills that might be acceptable to a sawmill operation, but not a public facility, such as a hospital.


Finally the supply of a certain feedstock might be seasonal or intermittend, requiring intermediary storage or long-term storage on site.


Fuel supply logistics are essential to the success of a bioenergy solution. CBER can provide you with solutions that have been proven and tested.

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Fink Machinery (Canada)
Weima (US)
Briquetting Systems (Canada)
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